There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to have trusting caring & authentic relationships with others as well as with the Lord Jesus. As people commit to an Anchor group (or A-group), they can expect to receive quality time shared in closer relationships with persons of similar interests, not to only cultivate new and existing friendships, but to also grow and develop in wonderful and exciting ways in their faith in Christ.

Faith Community Church has A-groups for both adults and youth. A-groups meet either in homes or at the church campus. Anchor groups meet at different times throughout the week.

  • Men
  • Women
  • Young marrieds
  • Couples
  • Families
  • Senior adults
  • Grandparents raising grand kids

For information on joining an Anchor Group, contact the Church office


Women's Ministries

Mary Harms leads the Women’s Ministries, which is designed to address the unique needs and abilities of the women of our church and to provide a place for women to connect and fellowship with one another. It is a ministry run by women, for women.

Come and attend Sisters of Faith, that meets on the first Saturday of the month from 11:00am to 1:00pm. Enjoy meeting, dining & getting to know other women who attend Faith Community Church.

Prayer Chain

If you are in need of urgent prayer. Your prayer request will be shared with dozens of people in the church within minutes for intercessory prayer.

Prayer Gathering

Each Saturday monring night at 9:00 am, our elders lead a prayer gathering which anyone can attend. It is a great time to worship God through praise and intercessory prayer. The main focus of this time is to intercede together for our community, church, and others. This is also a time to receive personal prayer by our elders and prayer team. The church also has a prayer room which is available for use any time the outside doors are open.

Worship Team

We are blessed at Faith Community Church with a number of people who are technically or musically talented. They are a very skilled group of believers with a heart for audio, visual and music ministry. Our morning worship and praise music is led by a team of singers and instrumentalists. This team meets regularly as a small group to study the Bible, pray, and practice.


Down the hall past the restrooms, second to the last door on the right. You will find our church library filled with all kinds of books, DVDs, bibles, and more. Stop in and check something out!

Audio/Visual Team

Our morning services have one or two people dedicated to the technical aspects of the service. They run the sound system and the visuals. They also attend the weekly rehearsals with the musicians and singers.