In 1994, a small group of dedicated Christians found their hearts led by God to begin a new work in the area of Ocean Shores, and Faith Community Church was born. Their heart was to develop a fellowship of believers that upheld the Bible as God’s word, supported and promoted the family and strived to accomplish mission work at home and beyond.After several years of meeting in rented facilities, the church moved into their new home in 2005. Located in the heart of Ocean Shores, FCC stands as a lighthouse of truth, love and hope in Christ for the region. Through calm seas and rough waters, the family of Faith Community Church has held fast and remained faithful. Week after week God shows His presence in the church as people discover the transforming power of His grace.

Our mission is simple: Loving God, Growing as a Family, and Serving the World!

Loving God:

Everything we do at FCC is grown from the desire to love God. We meet together every Sunday to lift our hearts in worship, to join together in prayer and receive God’s word with Biblical and practical sermons that will encourage and challenge your faith.

Growing as a Family:

Through various home fellowships called “Anchor Groups” we help people connect with others in a variety of settings and with multiple interests. From young families, to studies on the book of Revelation, there is an Anchor Group for you. And, every Wednesday, the youth meet together in a time called “Oasis” where they can find a safe place to share their hearts and receive God’s word.

Serving the World:

Whether home or abroad, God calls the church to serve. Here at Faith Community Church we support a variety of ministries and missions that strive to reach the community, nation and world with the love and truth of Jesus. From Child Evangelism Fellowship to the International Mission Board, FCC partners with mission work here and around the world.

So, welcome to the Faith Family! If you are interested in learning more about the church, feel free to call or send us a message. It is our hope that you do more than just enjoy the church, but that you find your life encouraged and equipped to step out in faith and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ.